Saturday, January 28, 2006

I hate Saturday Morning

Well this Saturday got off to a great start. Almost before it began. I had just gotten off work, and went out to my car. ot in, put the key in, car started up... I start to back out.

Wapp-wappa-wappa thud thud. My passenger side tire on the front is flat. You have got to be kidding me. Here it is 15 minutes past midnight and I have a flat tire. Also, had i know about the flat before hand, I could have just gotten a new tire next door at the tire place.

I have no clue if my car has a spare tire or not, so i dig into the good ole hatch back. Lift up the floorborad. Awesome, sucess... I have a donut at least. Even better its not flat withier. (Becuase from my experience, just because you have a spare, does not mean that it is even usable. Long story, just trust me on this)

I dig out said donut. Sit it down outside my car. Run after it when it tries to run away. Reach in to pull out my jack. Haha... thats funny, a jack. Yeah whats a jack. No dice.

Ughhh. What do i do now. It is late, the only person that coud help me, is Ben... who is working. So he is a no no. I debate on calling Charla, I know she would come rescue me, and I would call Ben in the morning and have him help me when he got off in the morning.

I hate to call anyone this late at night. I get out my cell phone. Matt and jeff had called me about 4 hours ago. Hmmm, they only live down the street. So i give them a call. They come to my rescue.

How great is it to have friends. They bring a jack, and when they get there i realize that i dont have a tire tool. And they do not have one that fits my car eithier. So we drive to Auto Zone which use to be opened 24 hours a day. Well not any more. I call every other auto zone in town, again no dice.

So we call it a night. They take me back to their place to crash for the night. Now I am waiting for them to get out of bed, so i can get a ride back to the store, and see if Expert tire can hook me up.

I am tired. I think I am going to skip church tonight. I promise to listen to the sermon online however. Because i do not want to get rusty. But after last night I am just tired, and i am not sure how long it wil take me to get the situation resolved today.

Well at least it is good to have people you can depend on. If this had happened when I was married, Sarah would not have did anything but complain about it all day. I am sure if anyone else besides me had a flat tire, she would rush to their aid. I am sure any of her boyfriends here recently would not have gotten the bitch treatment.

Have a good day.