Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Weasel

So I decide I want Mc donalds for lunch, I walk since it is right behind my place. I get a little exercise to go along with my $.99 heart attack. I walk in and order my meal, I will tell you guys what I ordered because I am sure it will result into being called Captain Snacker, or even the more offensive Fatty McButterpants.

As I am gettting my food, I look over to the left and see someone so vile and disgusting, that I almost loose my appetite. The idnoramious looser that my wife left me for.

Standing there at his height of 5 foot nothing, weighing 100 and nothing. With that stupid grin on his face, the one you can barely see under his long crooked nose. My muscles twich beneath my jacket. As a rage that I have not felt burns through to my outer layer of flesh. My fist ball up, and I feel at any moment I am going to loose it.

When he seen me turn around, I seen his eyes get huge. He knows that I could hurt him. It would not take much, after what he caused, I would literal rip him into 2 people. Or hit him so hard that he would loose his Bostonian accent, and sound more like a slackjaw yokel.

I am not sure what she ever seen in him. I guess she seen a guy that she would never want to be with for long. but someone to help her "run away". It was never very serious, but it just angers me that this is what she would choose over me.

Lets get a little into this guys history. He has 4 Children, by three different women. You think well he must have really like one of the women because he had 2 kids with her. Well, not really because i believe Sarah said they were twins.

What kind of women gets into a realtionship with a guy that does not even care enough to live in the same cityas the kids do. In fact he moved down here from Indy while his last girl friend was pregnant. WHo does that, thats not right. Use a condom moron.

Ughh I hate him for everything he was before, now I just want to hurt him. This is the reason why there are laws. because if this were the cave man days he would have been pushing up daisey long time ago. But i digress.

I left without so much a word to him. I prayed to find my serenity. And before I even made my walk home I was better. He lives, for now. Mwhahahahahahaha.

Anyway, i talked to Charla for an hour and a half last night on the phone. I also need to tell the world that me using theruflu was her idea, I forgot to mention that in one of the last posts. Also just in case, I hear eccenasia and Vitamin C are also good, and she told me to try some of that also. So if I ever do, I just want to let you know ahead of time it was her idea also.

It was nice to talk to her, I miss talking to her. She has been driving a school bus this week, her parents are contraced with the local schools to do some of the school bus routes. In fact this week she has been drivng past my apartment.

We also talked about dreams, no not the American dream with the white picket fence, and the 2.3 kids. (Do you ever wonder about that poor child that is only .3, or maybe its the mother does not give birth, ever... who knows). It seems her friend had a dream the other night that Charla and i were getting Married in a week, and it freaked her out.

So in case anyone else is having the dream that Charla and I are getting married in a week you can lay your head down and remain calm. For right now we are just friends. Now that I have that clarified.

Well I am going to get off her. I just wanted to share the weasel story. And if anyone see a guy matching my description please push him over or something, and call him a little bitch.

By the way, he did not try to turn me into a speed bump, since the little weasel was not in his car, guess I am lucky he was not at the drive thru. I am still waitng for him to turn me into a speed bump, since he threatened to.

Good day.