Thursday, January 26, 2006

Post 150

Well guys here it is, my 150 post. I actually had another idea to write 150 things about me, but I gave up. It frankly got pretty boring. I shall hang on to it, and maybe try to think of some stuff to add to it, so when I get to 200 posts I can put it up.

I got some advice on love last night from "Tree Hugging Hippie". She gave me some goals, my first goal is to talk to 5 women, for over three hours, each, and not mention my ex wife. After much argument.

I told her I could not even meet 5 women. She then said 2 women, but do not even mention the ex wife. She told me I have to say I am divorced and thats it. Dont bring it up at all. She said that is my goal. So where do I find 2 women to talk to. Who knows.

See times like this I wish i had a sister, or friends that actually had girl friends. Matt told me he could set me up with girls, but it would basically be for sex only and he knew thats not what i wanted, he said if you want a relationship, he had not a one girl for me.

I have the only gay friends that dont even have fag-hags. Oh well.

I did try to go through a couple of my online profiles, and tried to frshen them up a little bit, I took out the whiny divorced parts. THH said most guys he talk about the ex, are "looking for pity" and women hate that. So I sent out a few messages here and there, and have been smackdown several times already. Maybe I need you gals who read my blog to give me some hints, let me pull up my yahoo profile.

  • My Online Profile

  • Any help would be much appreciated.

    I think I am going to go back and lay down for a nap. It seems that i was rousted out of bed this morning at 7:15 by my friend Josiah... why, was something wrong with someone... no he could not wait to get off work and call me

    Fatty McButter Pants. After which there was much rejoicing. Yeahhh!!!

    Then i decided to stay up and watch the movie Waiting, and I have to say i loved it. It was like Clerks for people who are Waiters. It also is the reenforces the reasons, why not to give anyone who serves your food a hard time. If only we could spit in peoples dvds and get some satisfaction out of it.

    Well guys I hope I am here for another 150 posts. Lets just hope things are better then, than they are now. Have a great Day