Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Trouble Sleeping

Well I have not been able to get a good nights sleep since early last week. Last night I tossed and turned and could not get comfortable. I am hoping to get some sleep tonight. At least I do not have to get up in the morning.

Dreams, everybody has them, but soetimes I have really strange ones. Lately I have dreams that I am asleep. Laying on the couch, in the bed, you know whatever. Well A few times right before I wake up, my cell phone goes off. Most of the time its the same ring tone that is for my ex wife. I snap awake just to see that it did not happen, just a real vivid dream. Charla says its because she is on my mind alot.

Possible, but not really at the forefront all the time. If I am not careful i can drift off thinking about her. Even Charla has been having weird dreams.

She told me she had a very real one the other night that I was telling her that Sarahand Mandi were both wanting me back. Sarah found out that I was going on lunch dates with Mandi and she was getting jealous. She said the strange thing about the dream was that I was more excited about dating Mandi again then Sarah. Thats funny because I know that if Sarah wanted me back even at this point I would try to work through our issues. But i have to never worry about that.

I was going to take a walk tonight, I may still yet, but right now I just feel drained. I need to listen to my Church Sermon from this weekend yet. I really enjoy going to Church so i dont want to loose the momentuem.

Seems I have new neighbors they moved in over the last few days. I hear their telephone ring constantly, must have very thin walls. Last night I had to go over and ask them to turn down the brightness of their tv.. just kidding.

Well it seems today actually was a good day, I felt useful. Pro-divorce called me today, the first time he called me Captain Snacker.. grrrr. The next time he called, he said Robert, this is Sally...

Seems he is alot nicer when he needs something. Turnes out I know my shit when it comes to video games and I even think he was impressed. Its been awhile that I felt that useful at work.

Hell i did not even get yelled at by a customer today.

Well I gotta run... okay walk. I really need to get into etter shape.

Oh by the way Josiah.. I love the chili. Man I have been livng on it since Sunday...

R. Wood