Sunday, January 29, 2006

Your okay and I am One Dimensional

So even though the day started bad, it turned out not to be so bad after all. I got my tire replaced, which stung. Normal tires on a car run you about 60 bucks in eville. Not too bad. Unfortanately my car does not use the size 14 tire.

No, my car takes a 16 inch tire. What a price difference. The price of the tire started at $120. I mean really what the hell is the difference. I do not see the $80 difference man.

The important thing is, that it is fixed. I have a car. Matt and Jeff helped me tremendously, and I was very thankful. It always good when you know you have someone to depend on.

I did not go to church today, I did feel guilty, but I was tired, and had a headache. And i just knew I did not have the energy to sing and give praise to the Lord. So I will listen to the sermon online this week, and be back in the seat next Saturday.

It seems one of my co-wokers mothers, seen me there last week. She was going to say hi, but I was out the door before I even knew it. Her daughter is one of the sweetest people I ever met.

She tried to cheer me up on Friday night. She told me that someday Sarah would regret what she did, and it will be too late, cause I will have moved on and I will be happy because I will be with someone that makes me happy.

I wish I had as much optimism in my own life as she does. She even told me I was a nice guy. I really hear that alot. I know I am a nice guy, but sometimes it does seem like we finish last.

Hung out this morning with my boss, because my car was at the shop next door. He keeps telling me that I need to go to a trip joint with him. I have never had that desire. He said i should also try to talk to girls that come into our store because they are hood rats.

Some people are so one dimensional, but I guess I am too. I just have the nice guy one dimensional thing. I will always be the nice guy, who has character but lets people walk all over him. So I need to work on that part of my life.

I am really working on the courage thing. It seems that is a good place to go, I need to work on confidence. So that is where I am begining. My buddy Jarrod asked again when were going to do the hetero night out. He said It would be a good way to work on my confidence, and Jarrod is kinda of the cool man of the dork world so it could help.

Anyway, I am geting off this blog tonight I need to get some sleep. I have to get up in the morning. Everyone have a good day.