Thursday, February 02, 2006

You Stupid Man

I brought home a movie last night and stayed up to watch it. We recieved it in our new moves from distribution. It was called, "You Stupid Man". I had never heard of it, but it had two popular women actresses, and the concept of the movie, at least for the first half, was all me.

Denise Richards plays a women who goes off to Hollywood, to became an actress on a sitcom, leaving her boyfriend behind in New York. She tells him she loves him and is going to miss him.

He then visits her in Hollywood, and finds her sleeping with her co-star. So he comes back home to New York. Where his best friend's fiance is an astrologer. She tells him that according to the stars they know the perfect person for him. Her maid of honor.

This guy loved his girl friend. And on the first date he does nothing but talk about his ex. And goes on and on about the relationship. She can not stand him, but after a few chance encounters, they become friends. They fall in love, and the night after they sleep together, his ex comes crawling back. Now I would be a little different in this situation. Right now I would take Sarah back, more thna likely. However, once you fall in love with someone... how can you be that stupid to go back to the one who ripped your heart out.

I really that is was a great movie and had some very memorable lines. Especially about his friends who get married and after 6 months the marriage starts falling apart because the husband is having an internet fling.

He says that Love and marriage is like this perfect glass scuplture. You look at it and its beautiful. But once you get married you realize that you are responisible for it. You dont want anything to happen to it so you put it up on the mantel, an out of the way place. But then you get stressed that you think something is going to happen to it. So you start to look at it very closely. And you see that from a distance this glass statue is perfect, but up close you realize if you look hard enough you are going to find flaws. So the harder you look for the flaws the easier they are to find. So then it becomes less valuable.

How true is that. If that is not a metaphor for my marriage I do not know what is. Maybe i let Sarah try to hard to protect me. Instead of doing some of the things that could have helped us financially, or not have gotten so lazy in other areas. Maybe she would not have looked so hard at my flaws. But I cant change the past. Its over and done, and there is no coming back. I may go through the rest of my life loving her more than I should. And again I guess I am okay with that.

I just hope to be able to love someone again, enough that they never realize that they may be second place in my heart.

By the way, I know I told everyone no comments on the Baxter post, but you guys keep slipping them in there. So here is your chance, why did you guys like the baxter post so much. I thought people would call me a wuss and whinning over Sarah again, but I think you guys took what i was saying in a different way. Now I wish I would have allowed comments on the post.

Anyway, i got to run. Have a good night.