Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Long Time No Talk

Wow, has it really been a week since I posted. The news of my death are highly fictionalized. I am stil here, just been busy, and oh yeah... sick.

I have spent most of the day yesterday hacking up lungs. I think I am up to 3. I have no clue where number 3 came from but hey, I counted them, there were three.

So lets rewind all the way back to Saturday morning. I get home from work at 12:30 am. ANd decide that laundry needs to be done. So I spend the night trudging in endless darkness and cold, running back and forth from the laundry facility.

I was supposed to meet my mom for lunch at the steak place in town, but she called and canceled, it snowed to much and her friend was afraid to drive over her. I needed money for the cell phone bill, her half of it. I tod her to just deposit it somewhere in town, so I would be able to pay.

Instead Ben drives all the way to Evansville, and hands it to me. So me, her and Ben drove to go eat. Then we went to Walmart. Me and ben hit the $5.50 dvd dumpbin to see what movies they had.

I was excited to find Adventures of Milo and Otis. And put it back twice, when Ben took it from me and bought it. So now I have another DVD to add o my collection. It made me miss my Tiki.

On the way back to my apartment, Matt and Jeff call. They asked me if I wanted to go out to eat. I had just ate, so I declined. I did tell them however, that i would be over there by the time they got done eating.

So we met at target, I had to pay a bill there anyway. We walked around for about 45 minutes looking at everything. Matt was determined that he was going to buy him a book shelf that day.

There was the usual jokes, here and there. None really memorable. I did start my task of smiling at random girls. I did not let them know this, because I could just see Josiah standing behind me leering at the girls, just so they would give me a disgusted look right after I smiled. Thats how things work around here.

We left target, Matt did not get a bok shelf. But the quest was not over. We headed back to there place, got a few things orginaized and we left again. For the mall. Because we wanted to find a cool t-shirt for Josiah. He was pretty depressed that at target, they had a shirt that said, LORD OF THE BEER, and it was not in his size.

So we found lots of t shirts for Joisah, unffortnately, the mall forgets people who wear more than large actually exhist. After much heartbreak from not finding a shirt, Matt begins his quest for a book shelf at Wal MArt.

So my journey had come full circle. And when we left, we still had no book shelf. Oh well there is always next weekend. But I did find one thing. Women do smile back if you take the time to smile at them.

I was so tired when were done shopping, we went and ate at TGI fridays. Never ate there, and got to see the mating rituals of the Urban Gay Male. Or waiter was so Gay it was spewing forth with his rainbow colored light. Josiah even tried to give Matt a view my innocently knocking his reciept in the floor so the gentleman would have to bend over to pick it up. Matt was unfortantely looking at another gentleman who was cute.

You get to hear phrases like "daddy's cute" and "Jeff check the package as he comes back by". I have learned that when Matt or Jeff say check it out, its best not to look.

They did not leave him their phone number. Although there was talk. In he end, we just left.

That was my weekend excitment. Other than that I am having a very boring week. Well except for yesterday, I got to finally be in the line of the girl that works at the bank who I thought was cute. She seems realy nice, I flirted a little. By flirt, I mean I sat there and made some stupid joke, and waited on her to count the deposit bag. She smiled at me a few times but that could have been because my nose is red and i remind her of Rudolph.

Well I am going to finish this post up, let you guys know I am alive. Everyone have a nice day.