Sunday, February 26, 2006


Well I did not go on the trip yesterday. I went over and hung out with Matt during the day yesterday. We ended up walking down to Hacienda for lunch. Its only the second time I have ever eaten at Hacienda. I had a humburger, I am not much into Mexican food, I would perfer just have taco bell.

We spent most of the afternoon discussing the paranormal. Each telling legends and stories from the towns we grew up in. Matt is a very interesting person. Sometimes you never get to learn about individuals when you hang out in a group setting.

When the J-crew got back. (Jarrod, Josiah, Jesse, and Jeff) they talked about how much fun they had, and how I missed out, and they brought me a card. It was a Sympathy Card, "Deepest sympathy is with you during this diffcult time." when you opened it up, it read: and warmest thoughts are with you alway...

Josiah Jarrod Jesse.

Jeff was to nice... he said he was not going to be a part of it.

We then spent time going to the book and Music exchange, where I pointed out to everyone, all the books that were once mine but where stolen. I think at one point that thought they were going to have to send me to the car.

We then had to take Josiah back to Matt and jeff's because he was about to fall alseep standing up. He had been up for 24 hours straight. Then we drove across town to Border's book store. Not much going on there.

After we leave there, Jesse gets a phone call. From his Nephew Jacob. He is upset, Jesse is trying to figure out what is going on. All he knows is that jacob is about to hyperventilate.

Well it comes to find out that he tried to stop a "kidnapping". He and a buddy were at a local minature golf place, (the same place I took Charla on our first date actually)they were outside talking to another female.

The young girl sees a van in the parking lot. She tells them that the van looks like her father's van. She gets scared and says that he tried to kidnap her the other day from her mother.They were going to go in to find her cousin, when her father and another man come walking ot of the place, as they were walking in.

The father started telling the girl to go get in the van. She starts to cry, and tells him she does not want. He tells her again to get into the van. She starts walking toward the van.

Jacob is only 15 years old, and I have never admired someone that young ever, but I admire him today. He stepped into a situation that he really had nothing to do with. He honestly did not even know this girl. But he made a decision to step in.

He yelled to the guy, "Hey maybe we should go talk to the manager about this."

The guy turned around and told Jacob he needed to butt out, and to go get the manager because he would whoop his ass or shoot him or something. Jacob then told him, well how about I just call the police and see what they have to say about you taking her.

The guy got real angry, and started walking toward Jacob. Jacob whipped out the cell phone and dialed 911. Yes mam... I would like to report a kidnappng at BUISINESS NAME. The man started trying to walk away. The girl had stopped walking toward the van. He started digging through the back of the van. Jacob at that point thought that he might be looking for a gun.

Within a minute, a police officer pulls into the parking lot. Jaco tells her the situation. And everything. But here is what sucks. The parents are not yet divorced. So by law she could not do anything if the father requested to take the daughter "home".

They did try to call her mother, but could not get a hold of her. So in the end, the girl had to leave with her father. But today jacob is my hero. I just hope that someone did finally get a hold of the mother.

And to the conclusion of this blog piece. I got drunk last night for the first time, in a long time. I drank 3 Smirnoff Twisted VI, then I did 2 shots. In one shot I had Butterhots, pepperment schnaps, rootbeer schnapps, and Jager. I dont think anyone thought I could drink something that disgusting. The second shot only contained Jager and Rootbeer Schnaps. I managed not to throw up. I was buzzed good, and I do not have a hangover this morning.

Then my mom calls me this morning. I told her that I stayed at Matt and Jeff's last night because I had drank. I get a lechture from her that she is worried that i am going down the wrong path. I have not drank anything more than a couple of beers over a weekend for 3 years now. MOTHER I AM OKAY. That was the plan for last night. I was not the only one drinking.

So that was Saturday. The most exciting weekend in a long time.

Everyone have a good night.