Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Bank Girl

Well today I was at the bank. I look across the room to see the girl i like working the drive thru. I was a little disappointed, but hey what do I expect, luck is never on my side. At least I thought I would get another chance to talk to her on Saturday.

So I stand in line for a few minutes, glancing her way every other second. When she turns around... *GASP* What do I do, she locked eyes with me. I should look away, this is getting out of control.

Most of the time if I look into a girls eyes, I almost immediately turn into Robby McPussy-Pants and turn away. Its a survival mechanism that was installed when I was first interested in girls. If not for the internetI would never have gotten married... I am just to freakin nervous.

I did the only other thing i could think of, in a moment of absolute terror, I smile. Thakfully I stopped the smile before it resembled something that looked evil, I was going for Hi.. not... I AM SATAN NOW LET ME EAT YOUR SOUL.

What.. did I see that right, did she just smile back. Now she is walking almost towards me. Eyes are still locked. And she says, "Hello" and I think I squeeked out something that was supposed to be Hello.

She walked on by still watching me. I layed another smile, and i think again it may have been returned. This was already good enough for a second conversation for me. Two possible smiles, but no it contuned.

"So how are you feeling today, you were feeling bad last week, right?" She goes into the supply closet and turns around to listen for my answer and yes, that was a third smile. I got a smile, and concern for my wellbeing.

I panic, what do I do, what do i say. So i say the only thing i can get out of my mouth...

"I love you"

Just kidding, I reply, "I am doing a lot better this week!" And then I make a mistake I give a big thumbs up. I can feel everyone who knows me telling me that, that has to be the most retarded thing they have ever seen. I wait for someone to smack me on the back of the head for being so stupid.

"Thats good." and she starts passing back in front of me, and i tell her thanks for her concern, she smiles again and says, "no problem"

When she walks by, it is confirmed... there is no ring on that hand. None, I repeat none. I am flirting with a girl for the most part is not married or engaged.

And the thing is, maybe she is actually interested. Maybe she is just being friendly. But she remebered me, she locked eyes with me, and spoke to me. I feel like I am back in high school. I have never done this while "not" being behind a computer screen. No good can come of this. I need Hitch or something man.

YOUR ANTI HERO... what am I supposed to do... ack.. this is too much pressure.