Friday, March 03, 2006


Been a very interesting week. Okay so not really. I think I am getting better. My nose has pened up a little bit, I can smel food and even taste some of it now. Unfortantely I also have a fever blister on the left corner of my mouth. Some one is going to think I got Herpes or something. Geez.

Another funny thing about my body, when I get sick, Iswear my beard grows faster, okay the fuzz on my face, it is supposed to resemble a beard. You would think I could grow a beard. My dad looked like Captain Lou Albano, hell my grandmother on my mom's side could grow a beard. It took me a month for a goatee to grow out that did not look like peach fuzz.

I went to my mom's apartment on Wednesday, spent the day doing laundry and hanging with Ben and his son Scott. Ben's son is 4 and hilarious. He has an unhealty facination with snow men. I mean I love video games, I love to read, I love to blog. But this boy loves snow men.

Ben said that one morning his son was bugging him about wanting a picture of a snow man. So ben drew him one on the back of a coupon. He did not think much more about it until his son got out of school. His teacher came up, she said all day he would not let go of the snowman picture. She said that they had to write something, and instead of putting the snowman down he just switched hands with it.

He carries around plastic snow men, he makes people make him snow men out of play doh. My mom bought him a dog toy the other day because it was a snow man and he wanted it more than anything else in Wal mart.

After I left my mom's apartment that night (After watching Lost) I had a sense of dread. I felt like I was not going to make it home alive. Like my number was up, and i was not afraid. I just felt like my time was up. The good Lord just called B11 and I was yelling bingo.

I drove more careful, slower, smarter. I took the same route home i always took. It was just the weirdest thing. I had the windows rolled down on my car, it was beautiful here Wednesday night. It got up to 72, and it was only like 68 when I left.

I made it home. Nothing was out of the ordinary, everything just seemed to be quiet. It felt so odd. I never felt so alnoe in my life. Then i heard the squeeky bed of the neighbors. Then I knew how alone I truly was.

I went to work last night, I worked with Ray-o-Sunshine. She was sitting there talking to me about everything, she is truly a talker. We started talking about my eating habits. She told me I could not eat 7 doughnuts for breakfast. I reminded her again that I am a fat boy.

She then asked me if was still eating the grilled chicken i bought last week. I told her I was. She then started telling me about what else I could do to eat. I laughed at her. She then told me she wanted to give me some recipes and a shopping list.

I had to aske her how old she was again. I had to remined her I was 28 years old and I knew how to go shopping. She just laughed at me and tried to explain that I needed to eat more healthy. The sad thing is, she is so right. Damn the youth of America and there healthiness.

We then got on a discusion about her friend who goes to high school with her. About how everyone think that this girl is smart because all she does is copy other peoples home work. I told her that maybe she is going to have a rich husband to pay everything. She doubts it because the girl has not had a boyfriend since 8th grade.

I laughed. R-o-S boyfriend said it was because she is red headed and guys dont like red heads at there school.

WHAT.. People dont like red heads, ack.. I love red heads, What is wrong with guys if they do not like red heads. I had to explain about my love for red heads. Which ended up in a funny question. Did I think her friend was cute?

"I thin i am a little old for your friend." I was not going down that road. It only takes once for you to say you see an 18 year old high schooler you think is cute, and your friends are calling you Pedophile Pete or Jarrod on the weekends. Oops, we are not supposed to say things like that about Jarrod any more, strike that from the record books.

Although in a way it is ironic that I tell her I am way to old for her friend, considering that my dad was 10 years older than my mom. But I know there is no way I could ever date an 18 year old for the simple fact i was not even cool and hip when I was 18, much less now, I am closer to wearing golf shorts and sandals to every being hip. I guess you could say I am closer to breaking one than to being one.

Well thats my long Friday post, enjoy. I am sure I will have more to say soon. Everyone take care.