Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Let me calrify something from the last post. I am not giving up on women. I am just going to quit spending so much time searching. Its pointless. Every women I date I found flaws. They either never speak, they are set in their own ways, or they have some kind of mental issues. Or maybe its the fact that I am looking for the "old Sarah" and no one can fill that void.

But I am starting to wonder what will be easier. Finding a women or an Xbox 360. Man I have been everwhere looking for one since Monday. I have called every place in town. I get the same answer.. sorry we have none in stock..

Looks like Nashville is not going to happen after all... Ben ran out of money. I thought they were going to blame it on my indecision on going. I am broke, and the only reason I have to go is to find an Xbox...

Oh well, talk to you guys later :(