Sunday, March 12, 2006

Do I have treat for you

Lois Griffin: Peter, there's a naked man on this cake.
Peter Griffin: There were only two cakes left, and trust me, you do not want the one of Al Roker with the Hershey Kiss nipples.
-Family Guy Episode Three

Sigh, We were all depressedwhen we got to the cake shop. You see we were late. Josiah did not tell us early enought that his birthday was on Saturday. So what happened, it seems Peter Griffen bought the only other cake left. So Josiah for his birthday got

An Al Roker Cake with Hershy Kiss Nipples. We knew he was going to be very disappointed. But What could we do, the boy needed a cake for his birthday. So we unveeled the cake to him.

We hoped he would not crawl into a little ball and cry... the reaction we got was almost priceless.

Wow my own Al Roker Cake with hershy kiss Nipples, You guys are the best.

Okay in all honesty, Josiah was asked by Jarrod what he wanted for his birthday, and Joisah told him an Al Roker Cake with Hershy Kiss Nipples. Jarrod spent a few hours looking for a design and could not find one. So Jarrod does what Jarrod always does. Uses his creativity and made the pattern himself. This is a one of a kind cake. And I hope you guys enjoy the humor that went into this.

Jarrod is an awesome Chef. He really needs his own oooking show, and I could be his comic relief.

Have a Good Night Everyone