Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Wednesday

I work a lot of second shift hours, so when i get home at night it is around 11:30. I am wound up by the time I get home, so i am not able to go to sleep. Most of the time i can turn on the tv, lay down and think about my Novel and then eventually sldie into slumber land.

Not Last night. I was tired because I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before. I thought I will put this movie in, "The History of Violence". I figured somewhere in the middle I would get tired and shut it off.

Well i finished that movie, still wide awake. So i got out of bed, came to the computer and decided I was inspired to write my novel. I do not need to hear you guys bitch about my grammar and spelling, for the Novel i actual care about those thigs. For this blog, who gives a shit.

I actually felt the words flow from me. I wrote 5 pages before I knew it. It felt good to write like that. If I could keep it going like that every night then I would have a full novel in Six months.

After that i was feeling tired, so i popped in the other movie i brought home. How to Loose your lover. It was kind of bland. I was tired by the time it was over. So now it is about 4 am. I roll over and go right to sleep.

At 8:30, my cell phone is going off. Its josiah. He is just calling to chitchat. He read about my codependecy breakthru and wanted to let me know that he knew I was suffering from it for awhile but did not want to say anything because it was rude.

We did not talk about it much. I spent about half an hour on the phone with him. After getting off the phone with him I figured it would be easy to get to sleep. After laying in bed for 20 minutes, starring at the celing, I knew I would not be able to go to sleep.

Plus i have a nasty cough, which was keeping me from sleeping. I get up, do my normal things around the house. Fix something to eat, mess around on the computer. Ben had talked about going somewhere, and I told him I might go. But I was feeling worse this morning.

Well about an hour later he shows up at the apartment. So we decide to go do some things. Go here there and yonder. I get home sometime after 4. I was doing something else online, and knew that I needed to take a nap when jarrod called.

I talked to him for a few minutes, he wanted to go "do something". I have no money to do anything, and my apartment is a pig stye and i need to get to cleaning it, but I have just felt like shit for weeks now. I will have to get it done Saturday morning. I cant stand it anymore.

I call my mother, to see how she is doing. I decide to lay down in bed and watch a dvd. I choose BASKETBALLS, and I am about 20 minutes in when Matt and Jeff call. Wanting to go eat.

I have no money, they insist I go with them anyway. The know I never have money, but they like my comapny anyway. So I do go over to meet them. After we eat we go to Target, I seen several Dvds I wanted to put on my Target card, but I decide it was not worth it.

I then go back over to there house to hang out for a little while. I watch Jeff make an Origami Godzilla, so Matt can wine a contest at his job. So now I am worn out. I feel better, but just tired. So i am getting ready to lay down and try to finish Basketballs.

I have not heard anything from the girl who asked me out. I know she has a new job and she is buy. Hopefully I hear from her soon.

I did learn one thing from the movie How to Loose your Lover. They mention that the person that you are dating usually does not show you their true nature until after the three month mark. From experiences that I keep hearing that sounds about right.

Well guys I am going to lay down. Please do not call me at 8:00 in the morning unless you are stranded somewhere, or if you are being attacked by some idiot and need rescuing. I am tired. I want to sleep dammit.