Monday, March 13, 2006

Xbox 360

Well folks. I am excited. Sort of...

My mother has given me the go ahead to buy me an Xbox 360, and I have to pay her back. I am so happy... just one problem...


I mean I searched all day. I went everywhere, called three different states and no one has any. My next first shot to find on is at BEST BUY on Wednesday morning. They have been getting a shipment in every other Wednesday or Thursday. So guess where my ass is going to be Wednesday and Thursday.

The next opportunity is at target on Saturday, but since I am going to Nashville, that will not be good either. I did hear a rumor that Wal MArt gets them in and puts them out late at night or early morning on Tuesday.

Why do I want and Xbox 360 so bad. Because I miss my gaming buddies. I am sick of playing Halo 2 why they play Call of Duty 2 and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. I am not a game snob, I just hate halo when there are much more fun games out there on a better upgraded system.

Also me and chief will be able to kick ass in Splinter Cell 4 co-op. We spent hours playing that game together. Sometimes we would be laughing so hard we would be crying.

So I want my Xbox baby. Finally something to look forward to. A reason to enjoy life, I love the 360, I have played several games on it and I am very impressed.

So my life is very boring, I am excited about a videogames system. The only thing I could possibly want after getting an Xbox is a women. But I am afraid that is never going to happen for me. I think its time to give up looking for a women. None of them seem to fill the empty void that Sarah left. So I think I will just bide my time.

Good Night ALl.