Thursday, March 23, 2006

Coming up For Air

Hiya guys, sorry I have been out of the loop. The new "wife" has been demanding I spend time with her. She is so pretty and smooth. And when I play with her she just glows.

Anyway. I was watching the movie Bruce Almighty, and I came to a revelation. or at least a very good idea of why things like my heartbreak happen, especially if there is a God.

I know there is a God. I have faith. Yet we wonder why bad things happen. Why he lets bad things happen to us. I think I understand things a little more clearly. And it may sound kind of cheesy.

I read in a blog post by Pro-divorce about someone responding they were blessed. Not fine, okay, that they were blessed. And that got me thinking after watching Bruce Almighty.

You have your ordinary guy, all he wanted was to get the anchor job and stop doing the goofy stories. I almost see metaphors for my life. I am ordinary. No doubt about it.

Bruce had a good life. He had a women who loved him, and he never noticed it. He spent his time pining over what he did not have, instead of what he did. He was mad at god because he was not getting what he demanded.

Do we not all do this from time to time. Always feel we dont get what we want. That we never look at our blessings. And i think that is why God took Sarah from me. To humble me.

I had not seen the bessings of a wife that loved me. I was too concerned about where I was in life. I wanted a Child, and I had arguments with od about why I was not given a child. Why was it that the only thing I wanted, he wasted on teenagers, drug adddicts, and men who never want to take responsobility for them.

So God got tired of me bitching. He humbled me. He took away my blessings. he took away Sarah, he took away my truck, he took away my house. He did not do it to punish me. he did it so next time, I had a wife, a truck and a house and wanted more that I would appreciate the love I was given.

If I ever get my life straightened again. If I find the women I am supposed to be with I will not take her for granted."There will be water, if God wills it."

Dont get me wrong I dont think I took Sarah for granted, i think I just took my comfortable life for granted. I would have given anything at any point to have her back. But that is the other gift God gives us... Free Will. We make our decisions and just like Bruce, even with the power of God, we cant force someone to love us. As painful as it is. They still have to make those choices.

Anyway, i have my eyes back on Bank girl again. I was chatting to her today while waiting in her line, and I just realized how pretty I thought she was. I studied her face and the way she smiled. Even one time I even looked her in the eys and she smiled and i think i almost melted.

I even heard her make some comment about "Knocking on Wood" and I held out my arm and told her to go ahead, I am Wood, its my last name. She laughed and said thats cute. She even asked how long I had worked over there. i think next time i will ask her why we dont ever see her come over to our blockbuster, what do you think. To test the waters a bit..

Anyway, I think the "wife" is wanting some sweet loving.