Monday, April 24, 2006

Parent of the year

I had to work Friday night. Which i do almost every friday night. No big deal to me. tree hugging hippie was working with me also. It was a pretty slow night.

A women came in with her 2 children. Littles girls, one was 7 and the other was like 3-4. They both start running around the store, hitting shelves and knocking movies in the floor. THH said very nicely, almost in a funny way, "Kids the life guard said you need to quit running around the pool, or she will put you in time out.

usually this is folowed by, "get over here right now!" instead white trash momma says, "What did she say to you?" For the most part they behave, until they come up to the register.

THH waits on white trash momma, when the little girl again starts running back and forth in front of the wooden floor. CLomping her flip flops as loud as she can. Then runs back and forth again.

THH again speaks up, "Girls Quit running before you hurt yourself."

Now White trash momma has just watched her kids do this, she could hear the clomping, because there were people in LA thinking it was an earthquake. Instead of telling her children to behave, she opens with this.

"These are my children, and you dont need to talk to them in that way."

THH responds with, "well i am just trying to keep them from getting hurt, they dont need to be running around the store."

WTM: Well if they are running around you need to let me know, and I will tell them to stop running, not you.

Did i miss something here. She seen them creating a disturbance. Not once did she tell them to behave. She ignored it and let them do what they wanted. So she started to leave the store, gathered up her items, and told her girls to come on.

Now when you read this next part, i want you to know I am not a heartless bastard, but if karma can be a little bitch, I can laugh at the results of it. WTM gives Torrie a dirty look as she leaves, you can hear in her mind, "You will rue the day you tried to make my children behave. Mhwahahahahaha"

The little girl opens the door and takes off running toward her car. And trips and slides across the asphalted drive way, skinning up her knee. She started bawaling. Yes it probably hurt, and I feel bad for the little girl, but I could not stop laughing.

White Trash momma felt like an idiot, and she deserved it. People like that should have CPS on there ass for being negligent. These are the children's parents of our future. Oh well.

I hope you agree with mr on my canidate for mother of the year.