Thursday, April 20, 2006

Love is Like The Cold War for Me

Well constand reader, I think I have oficial called the bank girl saga over. And like the the cold war, it happened with barly a shot fired. You see I was bummed this week. A friend had said some nasty things on my blog. But one of the things that he said may not have been nasty.., it was the truth.

I went in to the bank on Tuesday, and I went up to a teller, and then I seen bank girl come out of a side room, we looked at each other, I said hi, and she just walked on by with out saying anything. Like I never exsisted.

I took this as a terrible blow to my ego. I know that i am not much in the way of confidence, but if she was even remotely inrested in me then she would have acknowledge me. So i think the book is probably closed on this ever happening. Besides we know I am a big pussy and was never going to ask her out.

Maybe we can get SOLE to start up a business like Hitch. Then he can help those lovable looser like myself to get the women they want, how about it Sole LOL.

So I guess in the next few weeks I am going to hit the online personals, update with a better pic, the ex says I need one with a smile, and maybe holding my dog Tiki. So we can get that set up. Plus maybe a haircut is in order.

So goodnight fellow travellers. All my bruised ego and I are signing off.