Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Road to Bank Girl

Okay, so I did not get to be waited on by bank girl today. I was disappointed because I could see her all the way over by the teller window, hoping to catch her eye so I could smile or something.

And about half way through my transaction, I lost all hope when another car pulled to her window. So I was pretty certain she would not even notice me today. But God had other plans methinks.

Seems the lady she had at her bank window had a rather large check or something to cash. Bank girl had not been there as long as everyone else, because she could not remove the funds without permission.

Well another girl called to her and told her that she could handle the transaction. So Bank Girl brought it to the teller next to me, looked up and smiled...

"Hello." She Breathed. Following with that smile that just melts me like ice cream in summer, well all right

"Hi." I tell her back, trying to put as much as much manliness in my voice as I could muster, without trying to do a super hero impression. I followed it up with another smile.

"How are you doing?" She asked me, while looking into my eyes. I replied I was fine, and asked her how she was doing, she said fine and my bank transaction was finished. I told the two of them to have a good day, and smiled at her as I walked off.

So I am sure she asks everyone what kind of day they are having right? Nothing out of the ordinary. But why do I feel like I hear birds freaking singing when she talks to me. I am sick. It has to be that. Ack this is too much pressure.

I still have the little card in my pocket, but I feel like I am about to take a chance, maybe. I am just nervous. Man I wish this were easier. In third grade you could always send your friend over to talk to the girl for you. Now I just don't think that is as cute when your pushing 30.

Oh well there is always next week.