Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Baby Steps

Well its been one of those days. I can not say this entire week has been a wash. But it definitely has its ups and downs. I sit here writing to you frustrated as all hell. Tonight was the season finale of Lost.

I waited all week for this, I even took off a night of work so I could watch it with the other fanatic Lost watcher I know. My Mom. I had to do laundry anyway, so I thought I could do that during the day and stay and watch Lost with her.

So we are all engrossed in Lost. There had been thunder storms coming through the tristate area. So it was the last 10 minutes of Lost, and the power goes out. And still has yet to come back on over there. If I had stayed home I would have been able to watch it in its entirety.

But the good news is that they will show the episode on and I can see the last 10 minutes. I have to say they did good answering some of the questions, and I just want to know what I missed in the last ten minutes.

I talked to bank girl again yesterday. Wow, there is just something about that smile. It can make me fee l good, and at the same time fill me with such fright. Because I so what to see that smile up close, and yet it requires me to take a leap of faith. One that I am going to have to do soon. Cause the thought of what she could be like its killing me to know.

Baby Steps! Baby Steps! Baby Steps!

The good news is that she takes the effort to say hi to me when I come in. That she will chat with me even when she is 2 stations away. And now she is in the habit of telling me bye when I leave. It seems everyone at the bank was on edge Tuesday, they got a new computer system, and they were all learning it. She told me I should be glad i did not have her, because she would be slower than everyones else in learing the system.

I told her naw, I am patient, and I dont have to be anywhere important. Oh Wait work. Hahaha I laughed. She laughed we all had a laugh. I di make it a point to say bye to her and use her name. Instead of just saying bye. So maybe she understands i just see her as not just another face in the crowd.

But then again she may not be interested and i am seeing all this wrong. Since I am sure I am sounding like a putz. Or is it a stalker I get those two confused. Someone want to clarify those for me.

On to the Xbox. As I sit here I am at a gamer score of 4293, 95 points away from my mentor's score of 4388. I have one more boss monster to defeat in Kameo and with it, i get a hundred more points. This is a monumental thing for me. He is my English Brother from another mother and it will make me proud to stomp his ass in gamer points. This is an amazing feat that i can not wait to trump him in. When he comes back from florida he is not going to know what hit him.


But there is my life at the moment. I am also thinking about entering a contest in Septmeber. Its a 3 day novel contest. You have 72 hours to right a novel. The only hang up i have about it is that it cost $50 to enter, its not much, but I am just worried that I will waste my money if I enter and dont complete my novel in three days.

Grammar and speeling are not really counted, as they do not expect perfection in a novel that is written in 3 days. But the winner gets a publishing deal for the novel you write. He knows right, I have a month or more to decide to try or not. The rules can be found at if you are interested.

Well good night all.