Monday, October 02, 2006

I am not Sweet... I am Big Boned.. wait What?

Got A New Haircut

Hello Guys, been pretty busy lately. Okay not really but I thought I should check in. I had a very exciting day today. It was my mother's birthday. So I spent most of the day with her.

Every year here in eville, we have a Fall Festival. Its the seconf Largest street festival in the US I think. And we have a lot of people who come through there.

Its all about the food. Funnel Cakes, Lemon shake up, Scorpion suckers. (With actually scorpions inside) Chocalte covered bugs, Lemon Shake Ups, Brain sandwiches, Buffalo Burgers, and did I mention the Lemon Shakeups.

We went with Matt and Jeff. And then came back to there place and sat around and chatted. I went next door and got a haircut from there Landlor, who owns a barber shop. I plan on him becoming my everyday barber. He gets that sweet spot of how I like my hair to look, A little more hair then the way my ex used to cut it, and a little shorter than the other place I went cut it.

I am seeing alot of accidents lately. Or at leat hearing the stories of them. A customer of ours son broke his neck two weeks ago, and when you hear this story, and you do not believe in angels then I do not know what to tell you.

He was coming home, it was raining, and his car slid off the road, he must have been going pretty fast. He hit a retaining wall, The car cartwheeled end over the wall, through him out. Then the car fell on top of him. Crushing him beneath.

The farmers land that this happned on, had a daughter that just happened to be driving behind him and seen the car cartwhell, and was there to call an ambulence. When her dad got down they could not find him. Because he was pinned beneath the car and was barely breathing. 4 people lifted that car off him just as the ambulence arrived.

He broke the same to vertabrea that Christopher Reeves did, but it did not sever his spinal column. He can still move his legs and arms and they think he will be fine, he has to wear a halo for 3-6 months.

Needless to say when she told me this story, I took off her late fees since it was the reason why her movies were late to beging with.

After leaving the fall festival today. We seen a car, it had wedged itself under a school bus, and it look pretty totalled. We did not see how that happened, but it was definately a sight. I am hoping everyone is okay. They still had the kids on the school bus, so I do not think it hurt the bus too much.

So anyway. I talked to Misty again last night. She called me. I talked to her for a half hour, and explained my reluctance to call her. (Because I never knew when she was home, and I did not want to wake her kids, and basically be a nuisance. I never have liked being the one to call someone, unless I knew to call them at a specific time. Its also hard to talk to the oppsite sex on the phone when your "So called Freinds" are yelling.. Rob I am back with the condoms, and Honey come back to bed.

SO I am planning on calling her Friday, and even more so now. Becuase I talked to Ben today, and wanted to let him know that she called me so he could tell Jennifer that she called.

"Dude, she really wants to meeet you bad. She thinks you are the sweetest guy." Really did not see that coming. Its nice to hear that stuff, because we know how much of a creep I was before right. LOL

So I am hoping this turns out to be good. I get leary of these to good to be true scenarieos. And even more leary of one that involves Ben in the equations. The last time that him and Will tried to set me up with someone, it was our friend sister. And I try to comment on to many things, but this girl Scared Ugly. I am sorry. There was no reason to try to bring that to me. And I have never forgotten it, oh man I have never forgotten it.

Anyway. Hope you like the new doo. I am going to rock on out of here, and probably head to bed, because I am flipping exhausted.