Sunday, September 17, 2006

Game Day

So I had decided to start writing my own game, along with fiction and other items. Well I had wrote a little fiction, and I am pretty happy with it. But then I really got motivated this weekend.

I role play, I am not ashamed to admit it. I grew up playing D & D and moved on to other stuff, and even introduced my ex into it also. She like only one game but she at least tried to play. I am an adult and yes i still play role playing games, I have said it.. and now I am attempting to write one to sell.

Well Saturday night, Jesse was late to our game. He is the actual story teller for the game so, we were just sitting there waiting on him. So Josiah, and Bryan were just sitting there.

"We need something to do while we wait on Jesse." Bryan Said. He tried to convince me to run something to waste time. Just off the top of my head. Then he kept saying I should run my game as a trial run. And to test the ideas of the game, they would play themselves.

Finally I broke down and started my narative. It was called Narrative gaming, basically I was pretty much letting them do in game what they wanted. So far as they fit into the confines of my world.

They actually enjoyed thereselves. And it really made me feel good. Because I have not really felt like running a game since my divorce. I just had never really felt that gaming omphhh.

Well when Jesse got there, he seemed interested in playing my game also. So we just went with it. And I have not had that much fun role playing in a long time. I was worried there at first because Josiah did not seem to want to play, but It had to do with more of him wanting to play Jesse's game because he had plans for his character.

I second guess myself alot. So i thought I had a good idea, but I never know if people are telling me thetruth or just trying to keep from hurting my feelings. It seemed everyone enjoyed it. I think Josiah would enjoy it to if we were playing it on a different night and interrupting an already established game.

I know most of you really do not care about this, but for me this is really good for me.

Next week I am running it on Saturday again. As long as bryan and Josiah show up, Jesse is going to a theme park, so he may not be back till after 7, so I can run people throughg the rules system I have created.

Anyway guys, Have a good night.