Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sex is good (Well i guess it is if you are getting it)

I got asked today, how long it had been since I have had sex. And It actually took me a while to rember how long it had been. It has almost been a year and a half since I have had sex. And I can honestly tell you that it is getting to me.

I mean, what is up with me. Its like until I was asked that question, I had kinda just not really care. I had been living my life from week to week, and somehow it just kept going, and I realized, what the fuck. Or more important, When the fuck.

How can this lovely bit of man not get any loving. Okay I kid. But I have to admit that it just feels akward. Hell i can not even sucsessfully ask a girl out. I am so afraid now that if I ever have sex again I will have forgoten how. Lets face it, I was never that good at it to begin with.

I guess it is a daunting challenge since there have only been 2 women I have had sex with, and its only been 1 since 1998. ughh, I realize that I will be thirty next year. 30. And what do i have to show for it. Nothing. I lost my wife, my dogs, my truck.

And then today I hear the most heartbreaking story from a friend of mine. He went out to a bar the other night. This is a big guy, but also tall. He is not any bigger than me honestly. And he stands at the bar, says hi to a lady. Who then Scoffs at him.

Man that has got to make me want to get out there and live it up. Then later that night he has some drunk bitch come up to get a drink, and I guess he made eye contact with her. She told him to "loose some weight." How fucking rude is that.

I have got to get out there, I have got to do soemthing its really pathetic. I am really sick of being lonely. I have actually discovered stuff about myself, and frankly I am bored with only me. I ready to give some one a chance to be with me.



Talk to you later