Monday, September 25, 2006

Things may need to Change

See I have been thinking over the last few days, about my lifestyle. Who I am and what changes i need to make in my life to get toward where I want to be. Happy. Why do i want to be happy you may ask. Well since it looks like I could live for awhile longer, maybe as much as 29 years (Since my Dad and Grandfather both died at 58)

So I am thinking of doing a few things. Number one I am thinking of dropping out of my Sunday night role playing game. (Please anyone who plays the game do not tell the GM I am thinking about it, he no longer reads my blog, and I need to tell him myself.) Its nothing against the game, but I need some time to myself, and maybe find a young lady. And I need to be able to have a steady time to hang out with her and things like that. And frankly I spend most of my Saturdays, and even fridays nights with these guys, that I think I am falling into a rut. And lets face it, I am not meaning this in a negative way or anything. Hanging out with gay men three days outof a week is not good for the heterosexual urges.

Next is my friend Phil. We discussed this weekend about going out to a bar some night in the near future. And the thing is, I think we would make good wing men for each other. Even Matt said it would be good for us to get together and have a straight guy night.

On other news I got reamed out sort of, by my best friends fiance. She wanted to know why I have not called her co worker back. It made me feel really guilty. I told the girl to call me, and I guess it is not good to have a girl call you only, plus I was never availiable on the weekend. (Which is kind of stupid since it would be a good time to talk to her if the ex husband had the kids) So another reason to clear up the Sunday schedule a bit. So supposedly she is going to call me (So said Ben) So we will see how that goes.

Also go t to see bank girl again on Saturday. Oh my sweet cheri, grrrrowwllll. She even used my name this time. And said she had not seen me in forever, and she explained to me about her class. So that made me feel good that she had not forgotten who I was. So maybe there is something there. But I am not holding out on it forever like I did before. I am too much of a coward with failed oppurtunities to put all my eggs in one basket any longer. I am pushing 30. Still it was just nice to see her.

Anywho I have babbled on for too long already, most of you are asleep by now and for that I truly sorry. Have a good night.