Friday, September 22, 2006

How is everyone doing. I am doing okay. I was out driving to pick up a friend of mine from a meeting he had, and on the way I drove past my ex. I am not sure if she seen me, if she did I am sure she looked away before I even noticed her. It just feels weird passing by someone that you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with, and it is just so cold. I really do not think she even seen me.

Right now we are flooding, and tornado warnings. It sounds like it is pretty bad out in the streets of Evansville. I was going to go out to eat tonight and I cancelled. I was really in the mood for Huddle House, but everyone else has eaten there this week, so I was voted down.

I got my web cam for the Xbox 360 today. Looking at myself today I realize how bad I have a double chin, most of the time. And I need a haircut. I have not really used my web cam for much yet. I can not wait to hook up with Allan (Masta Chi3f) when he gets his in October. It will feel really weird seeing someone 3000 miles away and chatting with him on a "game console" How the world seems to get smaller and smaller.

I did talk to my bud in Colorada, Agrippa. He said he can not wait to get his Live Vision Cam also. I am wondering how well the web cam goes. They are pretty hard to get a hold of at the moment. I went to 6 different places to find mine. In fact I almost walked out of the only place I could find one, Best Buy, when they just happened to bring the box out with them.

Yeah still lonely. That just does not go away. I miss having that someone there with me. I am just not sure what i can do to change the current circumstance. It really gets frustrating when i have tried all personals ads and myspace, and I can rarely get a girl to respond back to me. Talk about a low blow to the ego. Its not like I am going for the 130 pound hotties. I am not that attracted to those kind of girls anyway.

I guess its just not the right time for me.

How is the work on my role playing game coming. Great. I have been filling up my notebook with things about my game world. Even knew concepts that I discover that i never thought of before.

I have to work in the morning tomorrow. The plus is that i may get to see bank girl, but at this point does it really matter. If she was that interested in me I am sure she would have wondered over to the video store. I mean its right across the street. Talk about a huge let down for me. After the birthday card incident. I mean if she did not know I was interested in her, how could she not after the card. So yeah, I guess it is really over. Life goes on and on.

Someone stole the Oil filler cap off my car. I know they had to of. I put oil in the car last week before I left my mom's apartment. I know i put the cap back on... at least i think i put the cap back on <:( Okay, its possible no one stole it, but so i don't look like a dunce I am going to think to myself the jackass that drives the same car as i did lost his and stole mine. Yup... thats it.

Recommended reading time.

Dies the Fire, by S.M. Stirling.
Its a novel about a flash of light in the sky, and afterward, all things quit working. No guns, No automobiles, Air planes fall right out of the sky. And total lawlessness take over. The characters are the most realistic people I have ever read. You feel sorry for them as they try to survive in a world that has gone back all the way to the dark ages overnight. And then they began to starve. Its a trilogy, the other 2 books are The Protector's War, and Meeting at Corvalis. The second one I am close to finishing, and the last one I got from the library and they will have to pry it from my cold dead fingers to get it back before I finish it.

I really recommend these books. I could not imagine having to learn to farm, and keep people safe from the stuff in this book. And the scary thing is that so far, they never even come up with a cause for why it happened in the first place.

I would have to try to keep people safe. Its my nature if something like this were to happen, I would keep those around me the safest i could. But I hope nothing like this ever does happen.

Anyway, sorry about the long post. I am going to take a bath, and read some more. Then probably play some Godfather, or Test drive unlimited. I am closing in on that 8000 acheivement points dammit.

Have a good night