Sunday, October 29, 2006

Well I am doing a little better lately. I am waiting for money for me a car, but I am not so stressed about the entire situation because the city bus line and my friends are getting the job done for me.

And Thursday was one of the best days ever. Because it is the first time in a few months that i was in line with Bank girl. And I am not sure why, but my day was totally brightened.

She knew about my car situation. So I think these girls talk about me at work. It was a nice conversation. We picked up talking like we were old friends. And I got to be in the glow of her wonderful smile.

I get it. The reason why I am attracted to her. She is a light giver, an incarnated angel. She actually cares about people. You do not find many left in this world who follow this lifestyle. Sometimes i feel like I am the only one. But I can tell she cares about people.

I wish I knew how to make this girl mine. But we know how that goes. I did tell her about my Buster, and we discussed her min dautsan that she had to put down in Febuary. She told me that I was going to make her cry with my bad luck streak. (I was not making a big deal of it, but I am sure I simply looked pathetic when i walked in dripping wet with rain.)

Sigh oh well. I think posion is still tying to get me to ask her out. She keeps making coments like, She is so nice isnt she. Or when i tell her to tell bank girl i said hi, her and the other girl light up. All I have to say is, what kind of bet do you have to loose to have your co workers try to set you up with me.

Oh well it was good to speak with her, and afterwards my day improved alot. And I can still feel warm in her beautiful after thoughts.