Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Have you ever known anyone to go to great lengths to see drama. After tonight i have found out the most manipulative evil person in the world. This brain lies in thecomfort of my own dear friend Josiah.

You see the following story is real. And several key pawns were moved into place. A chess game of epic proportions. One that would smacked me in the face had it gone off as planned.

Lets see, last week, Brian and Josiah and a female co-worker all went out to lunch. Kim and Brian hit it off, and they planned on going out on a date on Sunday. Those plans fell through because Kim could not find a babysitter. And also that same day Brian got asked out on a date. So basically that ended the Brian Kim thing.

Now two days before all this went down. I was told that the place we were going out to, The Fox and the Hound, Kim's soon to be ex husband, was a waiter. And she wanted to join Brian, josiah, jarrod and I there. Hearing that Brian was worried he woul get beat up, because he is a little Diet Coke of a man. I knew I could not back out because, he is still a friend, even if I have known him only a little over a month.

So Here we have all the pawns laid out. Brian and Kim, Kim's husband who cheated on her, and also is a wife beater, Chivalrious me, Jarrod and the master manipulater me.

The day before, Brian almost made it sound like Kim was after Josiah, who can not stand to touch the flesh of a women, it would almost be the equivalent of Lucifer touching a cross. Kim had also just lost her job on Monday. josiah feeling bad for her, offered to pay for her drinks and food tonight. When Brian told Kim this, he almost made it sound like he was dating Kim.

So know we get to today and the entire plan back fires. Kim could not get a sitter tonight. Brian could not make it because he had another dae or something. however I learned where all this was heading to.

Josiah was already planning on picking her up and bringing her to the fox and the hound. hoping to see some drama from her husband, Brian, and Kim herself. Then when the night was over, he was going to ask me to take Kim home, hopng that her and i would hit it off instead, and since she was staying at a hotel while she got her housing situation out of the way., that we would get it on. Now I doubt I would have went that far. And whos to say she would even want me,( but she did say she liked big guys)

Yes he told me all this. And then followed it up with, And she will be here next week cause she already has a sitter. ANd the sad thing is, he knows I am completely intrigued enough to come back next week.

And to top it all off, her husband was our waiter tonight. I even made some comment while was walking by about wife beaters being cowards. So I am not sure how the hell I got drug into this so easily, but I did.

Josiah was going to set me up with this girl awhile back, and it seems he is going to try even harder this time. Geez I get myself in more trouble sometimes. And this is a very complicated story to follow, and yet here I am. And all i was doing was trying to have a good night out with friends.

Oh well, Shit happens right.