Thursday, October 12, 2006

Depressing Movies

Wow, I do not know how much more I can take of these damn movies I have been watching lately. They are warping my fragile little mind.

Let me See:

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Okay the first half of this movie is funny and cute. A universal remote that controls your universe. Ha, awesome gimick. ut somwhere in the last half of the movie it really tugged at my heart strings. His wife leaves him, and his kids hardly knew who he was.

It really made me cry for like 20 minutes, because you really felt sorry for him, he wanted to make things easier for his family, he just not want to waste the time to see the results. Its one of those movies that makes you realize that in between getting what you want out of a career, sometimes you sacraifce the people that matter

Oh man this movie tore me up. Really wish Adam Sandler would go back to his funny shit.

Then tonight I watched, the break up...

If there was ever a movie that made we think about my marriage it was this one. And here in lies my confession. I am not sure many people knew this or not. And in a way it makes me a bad person.

When my ex moved out. I went out and joined all the dating sites again. Went out with the girl Mandi for the purpose of making my ex jealous. And thats what Jennifer Aniston's character did, and it backfired on her just as well as it did on me.

I was so tired of my ex getting mad at me, and threatening divorce. I never cheated on her. I never pushed her around, I would try to do anything I could for her. And in my heart it bothered me because I never felt appreciated. I always felt like she kicked me to the curb and I was not important. I am sure that she felt the same, that I never appreciated her either. And that is what we call a communication breakdown. Two people who felt that the other one never appreciated them.

And in the end it failed, outright. I wondered for so long if things would have been different if I had not tried to make her jealous. It does not excuse what she did to me, but I was not perfect. Yet at the end of the day, it does not matter. Whats done is done.

So the movie also ended that same weird way, running into your ex on the street, and hearing how good there life is. Just like the day I ran into her at the grocery store. But hey thats life right.

Anyway I am going to have to find some really good movies soon. Something lighthearted and funny. Too much seriousness out theere in the movie world.

Also I have noticed today that my blog was acting weird, like it had disappeared. I had to republish everything, and afterwards everything came back up. So i just wanted everyone to know I did not delete the blog. I am getting close to my 275 post. Thats a lot of blogging. But I am not sure how long it will be here. Maybe some day I will change the name.

ut for now I am still Divorced... and dealing.