Monday, January 29, 2007

The Cup

You know that saying, My cup runneth over. That popped into my head when I started chatting with her the other night. Because when i realized it was really her. I could see this chalice in my minds eye. I could see this liquid being poured in it. And as the liquid spilled over and poured across this table, tears began to leak out of my eyes. Because at that moment, I was filled with so much happiness that it could not be contained inside me.

This all started with me last week. I thought I wrote about this last week, but looking back on it, I see I did not. I know I told you about the Xbox discussion. Well the next week, I was getting ready for work. I knew I would see her on Tuesday.

A voice calmly spoke to me. Robert, wear your good button up Blue shirt that you got for Christmas, last year. I was like okay voice in my head, no problem. And then also wear your blue jeans. Yeah okay, whatever, thats a little weird.

There you look all good now. I walk into the bank. I had pep in my step. Lately I have just been in a better mood.Of course she was waiting for me at the counter, okay not for me, but you know for work.

She looked at me and said, "You look nice today, I like that shirt." Then I heard that little voice in my head actually laugh. Told you so. We talked a little bit, abut Books, and how she spent 4 months working at Disney world. It was nice, and no big line so i lingered to talk to her.

Good day. Then Saturday, it was warmer here. 47 degrees. The voice again made a suggestion. Do not wear your coat into the bank. Wear that shirt that your friends like, and just go in there like that.

Again she was waiting the counter. (Now for those of you playing at home. In the last 3 months, she had not been doing anything on the counter. She had been stuck in a drive thru)

"So you are not even wearing your jacket today are you? I did not eithier, it feels almost like Spring out there."

Another giggle from that voice in my head. Now to add a little more giggle to the story. The night before I went to get Chinese food. I had such a craving for it. When I looked at the fortune that night. And I will let you read this one to yourself.

I will no longer doubt the power of fortune cookies. The next day, she looks me up. Sends me a message.

She is a very shy person. I think she was too nervous to call me. We spoke about a lot of things. I flirted with her. I told some of my jokes, and I think I only mentioned my ex wife once, because it pertained to Tiki. Anytime I thought about writing something out of context, I would hear, erase that.

She is just an honest Sweetheart. When I got up the next morning I sent her a message telling her that I had a good time talking to her, and that I hoped she had a good day.

She sent me one back later, while I was at work. That she liked talking to me too, and she hoped I had fun visiting with my mom, and she would see me on Tuesday at the bank.

I did not ask for her phone number yet, I did not ask her out yet. I asked her some of the things she liked to do. (She gets points for answering bowling and mini golf) and I asked her about a few places, (like old chicagos pizza, and coldstone creamery) (She loves pizza and Ice cream) Both of which she answered, No but I would like to go sometime. I kind of wondering if she was hinting at me to ask her out. I am afraid to be too forward and scare her off. I have to take this nie and slow.

I mean would Ricky Bobby drive 199 laps, and then screw it up because he wanted to slow it down. Hell no, because if you are not first your last. He would win that Nextel Cup.

I joked arond with her the other night. I changed my Instant messenger pic, to a little dog with Huge glasses on, and she thought that was cute. I said I wanted to change it from my ugly mug :)

She told me I did not have an ugly mug. How sweet of her.

We started putting pics up of ourselves. Every pic she put up was gorgeous, I even told her I thought she had the prettiest smile, and that she was gorgeous. I was not blowing smoke. Her pics were really good. Maybe I am just biased. I have none to share of her yet.

But she gave me her email address. So I can email her when she is not online. I thought about seeing how things go, and if she seems still interested to see if she wants to go see Catch and Release. Not sure yet, do not want to tip my hand too early. You spill your cup that way.

I will let you know how it goes later. Wish me luck. Pray for me because i really think God has a hand in this one. And I have Faith it is going to turn out the way I want it to.