Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Long Time, No Write

Wow, has it really been over a week since my last post. Momma said if you dont have nuthin good to say, then dont say it.

But I have an audience and the show must go on, so I present to you, constant readers (The whole 3 of ya) my next post.

Holiday blues, what can I say. They suck. I hate em, the holidays and the blues. I miss eveything around this time of year. We dont need to eloborate on what I mean by that. So moving on. I just want this year to be over with. 2005 blew, and 2006 took it straight up the poop shoot. So maybe 2007 is my year, hmmm.... Doubtful, but lets give the year a chance.

My cell phone is flat gone. Yup, it disappeared from the bus station lost and found, and the guy who had orginally found it had been on vacay for two weeks. And he told me right where he left it for me. I hope the sonofabitch who stole it walks across an open manhole or something.

Oh well I am getting a new phone tomorrow. I really have felt very akward since I lost mine. Not that any hot girls or even mediocre girls call me on it. But it was still my link to the outside world.

Is anyone else tired of hearing about the Nintendo Wii, I know I am.

I have not been playing much 360 lately, actually playing Zelda on the game cube. You know, the way that Zelda was meant to played, not standing in front of a Tv and swinging your controller around like a Handicap person, or my mom. And really, how do you guys prefer to play the new zelda game, wii, or the cube. Since the Wii is nly a cube with a remote control attachment. Anyone out there played both.

No she never called.

Ahhh, I am hoping for a girl friend next year. I say hoping because I gave up praying. No use in it. I prayed for the last 1.5 years for someone to come into my life, oh well.

Wow I was wrong about the show Heroes. I hated it and found it the most boring show on TV when it started. By episode three I was pretty much uninterested. Actualy I started watching it online, and caught up, and I kind of started to enjoy it.

Still Lost is my fav. I hate that people did not like Lost this year. I really have enjoyed it. I guess they tried something different and it may not have paid off. Then again, how the hell can you get a pay off from anything when you decide that after 6 episodes to postpone it for another 3 months.

And Jericho. Another show I love, I have even got mom hooked on it. We are going to download the next three episodes and watch em Friday night. Since she had not watched it because of Dancing with the Stars.

Oh well I am going to get off here. I just could not sleep tonight. And I knew I needed to let you gys I did not jump off a bridge or something. The sinus infection is gone.And I still have a few more antibiotics to take. I guess it was money well spent because my quality of life was more sitty than normal.

Maybe my next post will be more up beat.


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