Friday, December 01, 2006

Someone up there really Hates me

Bold comments are the good things that happened

Tuesday Night:

-Leave work, spirits high.
-Go to look for an Xbox 360 game to rent
-Leave the 4th video store, no game
-Ride home, what is that horrible moaning sound coming from my car when it turns
-must be something wrong with power steering
-cant check fluid, too dark and my stupid ass does not own a flash light

-Put in PSF, still making noise
-Check the levels, yeah its draining out
-Get car to shop
-Have Jeff take me home

-Ride Bus to work
-Rain pours down all morning long
-Bank Girl Gives me a very cute wave and a hi
-Worry all day
-Find out how much to get it repaired
-Ride the bus Home
-Get home and call my mom to see if (A). she has the money or (B) i have to sell my 360
-Left Cell phone on bus
-My home phone Battery is so old it is not holding a charge, I can not talk for more than 3 minutes without putting it on a charger.
-Call mom on said phone and let her no what is going on as fast as I can
-I get to Keep my 360
-Get ahold of Bus station, man goes on said bus and finds my phone
-Go to sleep with a massive Migraine headache brought on by the sudden weather change (It dropped from 70 yesterday to below freezing today)

-Call to Let them know to go ahead and work on my car
-Plan out my day, A. Get Car fixed
B. Go on bus ride to pick up
c. Go get Cell phone
-Do not hear anything about my car by 2.
-Call them
-Not even started on fixing it since 7 this morning
- Just called at 3:45 to let me know it was done.
-The bus station office closes at 5
-No chance of getting cell phone now til monday

What did I do. I mean i know things can get worse. But does he have someone else to pick on. Sure i got to keep my Xbox, but I am always fucking worried about what is going to happen next. Can he go burn some other ants with a magnifying glass. What the fuck did I do to deserve this. I am not fucking Job Give me a fucking break God, go make another bet with the devil over a dollar or whatever the fuck you bet on. Cause I am pissed.