Saturday, November 18, 2006

People make me sick

Okay, this is all going a little far. How many of you know someone who just bought A ps3... To fucking sell on Ebay.

Myself, at this moment i could care less about getting a Piece of Shit 3. The problem is that the people that do want one are going to have to buy them on Ebay. Where the price is going for 1800 or more. This rant about the morons who pay that. I think people who pay that much for one are Bat shit crazy.

Every Console launch you see these piece of shit people buy a video game system so they can triple the price on Ebay. I think Ebay needs to put a stop to this. Its mnot fair to those people who can not wait in line over night because they have jobs or whatever.

I went to Best Buy today, and there were people still camped out for the Wii, with tents and all. I actually think that would be kind of fun. Just to say you did it. But I hope there tent burns down as they sleep if the plan on selling them on ebay for $1000

I understand it is enterprise and all that horseshit, but is it really worth it to ruin someones Christmas cause you can make a little cash.