Monday, November 27, 2006

My Blog: Late Night Super-duper Long weekend round up Edition

Hey guys, how is it going. I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you were like me and did not then I feel your pain brother.

Funny statement of the day: My friend Ben and i were watching Superman returns today. And Ben brought up a great point. "Man how do you compete with Superman, your fucked if Super man wants your women."

I replied, "Hell I could not even compete with Maintence Man, much less Super Man."


I swear its kind of funny cause I keep making Bank girl fell sorry for me when i am not really even trying to. Saturday we asked each other about the same time if the other had a good thanksgiving. I told her I spent mine alone and I had to work. Which was followed up with an Awwww. Posion (who was the actual teller waiting on me) Said that sucks. And I was joking around and Asked if anyone wanted to adopt me for Christmas. Posion said she would. I like her she is funny. She knows I have such a thing for bank girl.

Bank girl did ask me if I got another car. And told her yes and she seemed excited for me. I guess they maybe got tired of me coming in looking like a wet and lost puppy dog, with sad hollow eyes. Hell I cant blame em. I was tired of looking like I had my soul ripped through my pores too.


What i have been playing: Well the video game world is abuzz over the last few weeks. I took my 360 over to my friends house Last night. They had bought 50 ft. of cable and let me hook my 360 up to there cable modem. They got to see Xbox live in all its glory. They talked with my friend in Colorado (Agrippa) and another of my friends in England (Dotslack) I did not have my camera with me so i could show them.

Phil has really come around to the 360 this year. He was one of the many who felt cheated as a sony Fan when they announced the $600 ps3 price. So he said he was going to get a 360 soon. And before he said he cared nothing about playing games online, but he even kind of changed his mind on that when he seen me play Gears of War online. And all the other things you could do (Like download TV shows, and even movies) We watched an episode of Robot Chicken.

The game I am playing the most, its sad really... Lumines Live a very addictive puzzle game (also available on the psp) I have been very addicted to this game. I lay in bed at night and think about ways to arrange certain pieces if they fell into certain paterns. Like I said, addicted. Some crack heads seen me the other day and told me I neded to seek help for my problem.

Mom bought me some new Khakis and Work shirts for Christmas. And one of the shirts made me look really good. I look thinner in these cothes, cause they are not as baggy. Hell I am still suprised in my divorce weight loss. Went from 290 to 257. And I was looking at myself I had actually put on some muscle in my arms. Not sure where it came from, but maybe it was always there I just had to much fat covering it. Yeah, your gonna need tickets to this gun show baby...

Man I seem to come down with flu like symptoms today, and it has made me sweaty and exhausted. I layed around most of the day today at my moms while I did laundry.

I got the key to my station wagons hatchback. And as I was digging around in back, trying to get some of the left over hay out of there I found a 512mb jump drive (Which i have been wanting to get one for awhile) I felt like I should take it back to the guy i bought the car from, I mean I know they are not very expensive. But I really do not need the negative karma. What do you guys think, should I take it back to him or keep. Its nice to be able to haul a lot of stuff again too. My station wagon is huge.

My friend Josiah bought a toyota Yaris this week. He had it special ordered and shipped in to the dealership. However some idiot banged it up on route, and he had been driving a loner all week while they fix it up. At least the dealership noticed it and was up front with him. Because he said himself he may not have even noticed it himself had they not pointed it out to him.

Anyway, I am still deciding if my broke ass is going to go out with them tomorrow night to do the Tuesday night thing. I want to kind of but at the same time being broke and going to a bar kind of sucks. But Jarrod seems to want me to go so maybe i should.

Well speaking of things I should do. I should get off here and go to bed, before I hear the call of Lumines rope me back in, or the thrill of playing the burger king games LOL.