Saturday, December 02, 2006

My Conversation With God?

Okay so everyone has those wonderful freaky conversation with some random stranger that makes you think that you may have just met the one called GOD. And I guess he got tired of my whining and complaining and bitch about my bad luck. So there is a chance that the Alpha and The Omega finally took time out of his busy schedule to make me look like an ass.

You see I now today that I ran into one of God's Avitars today. He is a tall man, with a Buddha like girth. And he wore a gray Fedora. And he came into rent a movie today. Okay so it was not Angels in the Outfield, but I think he got himself a comedy, The Da-vinci Code, cause if you are God then that movie is a fucking joke.

Anywho, big man comes up to the counter. I get him his movie. I tell him the total and he whips out a twenty. " And God shall provide" he bellows, okay more like he says it in a voice that is not loud, but not silent, so for the sake of argument we will say bellows, because we all know that God would have his own way of speaking.

Then me, being the smart ass, cynical bastard that I have become. I reply, "Well he does as long as you are not me." Leaving that joke out there for a few giggles since you know, my life seems like its been in the crapper.

"No, he provides for you, he just tells you no more often." Okay. This almost seems kind of strange at the moment. How does this guy know anything about me. I am just making a genralized statment about my bad luck. I guess you really can not call it bad luck because everything has worked itself out in the end. As much as I hated the last month, did my friends not take care of me. Did I make it to work. Did I make it home from work. Did they not offer support more than I wished to burden them with. Sure I maybe was uncomfortable for awhile. But it did make me realize that sometimes you can not do it all on your own. You sometimes have to take help if it is offered to you.

Again I strike back. "Well me and the big man upstairs, have hd our ups and downs over the last two years, ever since my divorce."

Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. Strike back at you king smiter. Its a battle of wills, and the next thing he sys just took the sword from my hand, and smacked my nuckles with it like a Mother Supierior at a Nunnery.

"He tried to warn you about that too... but you would not listen." And this huge grin comes across his face. Like he could see my soul through my clothing. Like he had been watching me for almost the last 30 years.

Yes he did try to warn me. And he is right when i knew something was going on, I hoped foir the best, I am sure it would not have solved anything, but maybe if I stood up to her when she told me I was a jealous idiot, or when I caught her hiding something from me. I may have got out of this without loosing a part of heart. Or maybe had a backbone and do what my instinct was telling me to do. Instead i ignored it, because i did want to trust her, even though I knew something was going on behind my back.

I laughed at him, one of those nervous laughs. And I tried to smooth it over. "Well i guess if you you cant be angry at God sometime, who can you be angry with?"

He took in a breath like he was thinking back in his head to a simpler time, when he layed the smackdown on Adam and Eve. A deep sigh, not one of agrivation, but one of understanding and hope. "So very true." And he walked out my door. No I never seen him walk on water. But he left anyway.

ANd instead of felling tired and ready to go home. I felt more light hearted and calm. And realize how silly I have been about whining about my bad luck. At least for now... Tommorow is still another day.