Friday, December 08, 2006

Where the heck does this leave me?

My Gosh, i thought I would officially no if bank girl was interested in me by today.I got out of bed this morning with the world's most painful sinus infection. I would almost wish for the urinary infection I had this time last year, at least I am not using that part of my anotomy.

So she did not call last night. I was a little disappointed, but really kind of expected it. I knew I would not have to see her again until next Thursday anyway. So by then I am sure I could get over the akwardness of the entire situation.

So I suck it up, and go into the bank this morning. Which was very busy. I am waited on by the new guy at the bank, who I just dont care for him. He is not as friendly as the girls there. And as I wait there, and feel akward that everyone there knows what happened last night, and think I am some kind of psycho stalker.

T. is in the window right next to me. She waves at me. "Hey Robert," and I wave back rubbing my forehead from this damn sinus infection. "That was a Beautiful rose you left for Bank girl last night." I blushed. Okay good sign right, she showed it to someone and did not make me look like a tool, or that I was deranged. I feel a little better.

But I am not sure what T. said to me next. It started with, " I think Bank Girl ..." and I could not hear the rest of what she said, but I think she said "is going to call you." but I was not sure, she may have even said she really appreciated it. With my head, and my ears clogged. I could not make it out, but then she had to wait on someone else.

So I had hope all day that she would call me. But she did not. So maybe she was not intereste, but I wish I had known what T. had said. And i know BG works tomorrow, but I dont. So the suspense is killing me. I mean I am not going to be upset if she is not interested but right now my emotions are all up in the air. I will give her til Monday, to call before my hopes are completely dashed. But where the heck could this leave me?

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