Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another Glorious Week

Hey everyone, first thing is first. The girl from the bank has not called. So I really think she was not interested at this point, and the worst part is I have to face down my demons for being a moron and even trying. I will have to see her on Thursday, and I just dont want her to feel bad for not being interested. Oh well its my mess. I will clean it up. But I guess unless things change this is the last time you will see the phrase Bank Girl, for some I am sure it is a relief. The ex is right, I am truly going to end up alone.

Now onto other things equally depressing. My head was pounding all weekend. So much so I could do nothing but sit there and take it. I mean when life started fucking me over, my head hurt so bad from the bending over than the actual ass pounding. So I knew one thing, I was going to have to go to the doctor. And I hates going to the doctor.

Seems I have a very bad sinus infection.
Paid the Doctor Bill: $30
Decongestant: $15 after Insurance
Antibiotic: $50 after insurance
Total: $85.

Add more money to my poor mother because I have nothing. It broke my heart enough to start crying again. Sure I am a crybaby. I am very metrosexual in that way, I am upfront with my feelings. It just hurts, some days it just adds up so much that I hate what i have become. I just got my car fixed last week. , she just bought me a car.

At the doctor's office I had to be weighed and blood pressure taken. I waited to hear about how bad my health was. Apparently God does not listen when you tell him you just want to die. Because while I have been bitching and moaning about how much I want to die since my divorce. I actually did loose the 40 lbs even according to the Doctor scales. Putting me at 257 (I was 300 pounds or so before my divorce) And my blood pressure is right where it is supposed to be. I have had High blood pressure since I was 16. Everytime I have went to the Doc they bitch about it.

After I got home from the doctor's office and had my little cry, I took the decongestant (that i was told could cause me to be restless and speed up my heart rate.) and the antibiotic. and fell asleep on the couch.

So anyway, I am going to get off her, I am feeliing better about everything since yesterday. My head is clearing up
Anyway maybe I will have some good days soon. Later

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