Friday, January 12, 2007

Can i change my Vote

For game of the year that is. I had inadvertantly took in all the hype surrounding Gears of War on 360. Yes the graphics are beautiful. But the downside to the online game is, its simply bores me to tears. Even My friend Masta Chi3f cant keep me from zonning out and wishing we could play Rainbow 6 Vegas.

Its been on e of those gaming weeks. Which I am sure my blog will tell you. I have earned quite a few new acheivement points. One of which tonight, i got up and danced and did my best impression of Will Smith from Independence Day.

"Thats right, I am going to lay all your friends right down beside you just like that."

It was a Giant Worm, and it was fun taking down. And it was a 50 point acheivement for Lost planet. And I loved getting it.

Okay enough Game talk. I may just start a blog were I talk about games. Since I am sure most of you could care less about this part of my life, but it is who I am. I am just a man, a wireless controler and I heart of Gold.

One more funny story. I am laying in bed monday night, tuesday morning. When my cell phone goes off at three in the morning. Its a weird text message for 3 in the morning. "Hendy is this you?"

I recognize the number somewhat. It is a number from England. I knew who it was right away. Masta Chi3f. I thought maybe he slipped down into some sunless demension and one did not know what time it was over here and 2 he needed my help to get him out.

Neithier was the case. He knew exactly what time it was. He was so excited that he figured out how to send me text message from Europe that he could not wait till, I got out of bed in 5 hours. Then he kept sending me messages, asking about my mom, how things went with bank girl, and where my mom bought the candle we sent him, because his mom wanted one. Again things that could have been brought up to me 5 hours from now.

I told bank girl this story, and she seemed very intrigued with Xbox live at that point. Asking me question, telling me how cool it all sounded. Yeah she could have been the one, you know if she had wanted to be the one. Still I can be nice for her, and maybe show her more of my light hearted side, instead of the side that makes me look heavily burdened with life. Who knows? Not getting my hopes up, of course.

I am trying to live a better and heart felt life. I hate to say that outloud, because it seems when I become to Optimisitic, something bad happens, but at the same time I am just fucking tired of being depressed. Which has gotten a lot better since the Holidays are over.

My mom's Doctor visit went okay, well at least they have not put her on the inslin shot. She does have to go back to the Doc in 2 months thought to see if she can drop her Diabetic number. I think she can do it if she lays off the snack cakes. Hey like mother like son.

Anyway everyone have a good night.


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