Monday, February 05, 2007

What To Do

So i have been thinking a little bit about what to do with this blog. You see, things seem to be going well, and I do not want to jump the shark. But if things continue to go this well, I thing this blog has to die.

I am not saying I am going to quit blogging. But since I found the girl that stops my heart, and who is intersted in me, can I really continue using the blog address,

Just a thought. I may leave this blog up, and link to a new one, or I may delete this blog all together, and have you guys follow me down the yellow brick road. But all that in due time I guess...

I have not asked her out yet, but we are taking things very slow. She is a shy person. And I love talking to her. I make her laugh. I like making her laugh. laughter is a valuable part of any relationship. So is respect, and I have a lot of respect for her. There are times that i talk to her, and I see the Good in myself. We have a lot in common.

Last night we were chatting away. And my internet connection dropped out. All my online programs stopped functioning, I could not connect back to messenger. I kept unpluging my modem and everything. Nothing would bring it back up. The only thing I could use my internet for was to send an email.

I had to shut everything down and turn it back on. That fixed the problem. But in that time she had sent me an email and an IM asking if I was okay. She thought my apartment blew up or something, the way I went away. I like that kind of concern.

She also had to gve me crap about the Colts winning the Superbowl. I made such a big deal about how Payton Manning was going to choke, I was wrong and she had to rub it in.

Anyway not much to say as of yet. I just wanted to ask you guys what i should do about the blog, what would you do?

Have a great day.